Saturday, August 2, 2008

*Ah summer...* Now usually summer is a time for doing outdoor

Ah summer...
Now usually summer is a time for doing outdoor activities, taking trips with the family, and visiting friends and relatives. A lot of people do stuff like that during the summer. As it has turned out for us, most of our relatives have come to visit us this summer: family from Manitoba, Quebec, Pennsylvania, and my mother comes for a 10 day visit on the 15th. Phewff!

As a result, I find I've done next to nothing this summer. I've seen a number of movies, driven the kids to a couple of weeklong day camps, taken care of the regular household chores, but nothing quite summerish if you know what I mean. No beach, no road trip, no cotton candy at the fair. My one trip comes up next wednesday when I drop in on the Bulldog for 4 days, where I'm told there shall be some fishing to be had. All is not lost!

But it remains that summer is almost over for all intents and purposes. I start my last year at university in a month, after which I become a high school teacher. It's the culmination of much time and labor, and it feels good to be on this end of it. Still, it's somewhat sad to realize that a whole summer can pass by so quickly without my having done a whole lot. Guess that's what happens when you get old, huh?

So what did you do this summer?

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